Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems provide the monitoring of every secured area & enable the detection and recording of any illegal / unauthorized actions that might taking place.

Every area under surveillance usually has special requirements (lighting, complex building, terrain type, altitude differences etc.), so the challenge of the correct solution design is very high.

We have the knowledge /know how, the experience and the right tools to design the correct systems solution based on customer needs.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal Cameras offer better detection , object classification & recognition under any lighting condition. Usually is the preferable option for large distances detection and perimeter protection as they can provide a more reliable & cost effective solution compared with standard cameras.

Main advantages:

• Effective Use at low or no light conditions
• Immune to visual limitations
• Fewer False Alarms

Video Management Software

The selection of the right video management software is very important factor for the successful implementation of a security system. Space Hellas can analyze customer needs and successfully support:

• System design
• Future system expansion / update & upgrade policies
• Cameras connectivity
• Video Analytics
• Cybersecurity hardening
• GDPR compliance

Video Recorders & Cameras

Video recorders & cameras are crucial parts for the CCTV system design. Video recorders must be able to support:

• Sufficient recorded video quality & retention length
• Redundancy technologies on both system & storage
• Enough bandwidth for connecting high resolution cameras
• High quality of live video The cameras also need to be • selected having in mind:
• Camera characteristics (optimal resolution / Mpixel, FPS, IR length , IP protection etc.)
• Area Coverage needs based on scene size
• Object /Target Analysis Requirements (Identification / Recognition / Classification / Detection)
• Camera location and positioning
• Camera connection needs (networking & power supply)