Netacmion’s philosophy

Netacmion has been providing quality solutions to businesses since 2007 with expertise and know-how. We work with a high sense of responsibility and commitment to our customers and suppliers, building strong, trusting relationships with our people.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide unique and innovative services that meet all your needs. At Netacmion, we seek to add value to our solutions, redefine customer needs and propose integrated solutions to meet the most challenging requirements.

Our Team

All Netacmion employees have a common goal: To offer our customers effective solutions to their problems quickly and provide them with innovative and quality products, contributing to their professional success!

Our Solutions

We cooperate with major companies in the market and we can recommend integrated solutions with products of well known companies like LG Electronics Hellas, CISCO, DELL, ENSAT Technologies, LEMCO, HYBRID Design Studio, DAHUA Technology, Olympia Electronics and many more.

Company Profile

Netacmion is a company that provides a wide range of new and existing facility network infrastructure, security, management services, fire detection, projection screens, room technology services for hotels, call centers, video surveillance systems, access systems, photography and videography of commercial spaces and advertising and web development for corporate and government clients of all sizes. As a full-service network integration and design company, Netacmion provides its customers, small or large enterprises, with maximum performance, unlimited scalability and robust security solutions for complex networking projects. Our reputation for excellence in networking and information community is unsurpassed. We listen and learn the clients business from the inside out in order to provide scalable solutions within budget and support their needs and expectations. We offer a full range of solutions including consulting, analysis and innovation through to implementation and support.

Your best
technology partner.

Understanding Your Business needs

We understand every need of your business
Netacmions specialized staff has the ability and know-how to examine the specific needs of each project on a case-by-case basis and propose corresponding solutions to customers, with innovation and cost reduction in mind.

Improve Your Operations

The executives of Netacmion have specializedKnow Howin the field of IT. The company continuously invests in training of new technologies and methodologies, follows international trends and uses the latest platforms for the design and implementation of technology solutions.

Project Management 

Project Management is the art of managing and administering a project and its results from the perspective of producing integrated products and services.

The characteristics that make a project complex are:

  • Uncertainty about the outcome
  • Ambiguity of the key parameters
  • Complex interactions of atoms
  • External effects
  • Many sources of influence
  • Unpredictability.
  • Rapid changes.

The 5 stages of project management:




Monitoring & Controlling


Clearly, the complexity is such that without a structured approach to management practice, companies will not be able to meet the diverse challenges of the modern era. As a result, the importance of Project Management for modern businesses is now considered highly essential!

Why Netacmion?


Netacmion has experience in the field of technology and has been active since 2007 with satisfied customers and significant implementations in large projects.


Innovation & Development

The continuous training of our people and the monitoring of new technologies keeps pace with the requirements and developments of modern times, delivering quality solutions to every project.



Highly trained staff that will propose specialized solutions to your every need and requirement, covering geographically Greece and Cyprus.


Netacmion has placed particular emphasis on the quality of the services and products it proposes, in order to provide the appropriate support even after the implementation of the project.



We cooperate with major companies in the field such as LG, CISCO, DELL, LEMCO, Dahua and many more, in order to offer branded, reliable and innovative products.

Trust – Consistency

The Netacmion team will always be there for you to meet any of your needs.